Who Is An Immigration Attorney

Types of services offered by an Immigration Lawyer 

There are different types of lawyers in every state. However, the immigration lawyers are the lawyers with unique services when compared to other lawyers. Unlike the other types of lawyers, they deal with cases in the administrative courts, USCIS and Immigration courts. The also suggest courses of action based on their knowledge of immigration law. 
Mostly, they are counselors to immigrants and citizens in foreign countries. They offer help in guidance on several issues like deportation, visa application, non-citizen employment opportunities, and nationalization, among others. If you are wondering what type of services any immigration lawyer offers, this page has the information you have been looking for.

Federal work

Immigration law is federal. A immigration attorney can accept representation of the client nationwide. It doesnt matter immigration attorney is not licensed by the bar association of the sate that he/she is located. For example, an iimmigration lawyer can heave the Georga Bar License, but he/she can represt client in other States, like California, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Foloriida, Masachusate, and so on. The only 

Crime conviction

When applying for immigration, you must fill in information about whether you have been convicted of any crime in the past or have been sentenced. Any criminal history should be disclosed at such times. The charges you were charged with or which were dropped could also affect your immigration eligibility  process. Immigration lawyers can help you navigate these challenges and prepare appropriate applications and documents since an immigration attorney is  expert is  immigration law.

Immigration application denial

There are so many reasons why an immigration application and visas can be denied. Immigration lawyers find out about these reasons on behalf of the candidates. They also can help the candidates to reapply later.

Deportation issues

When people are being deported or being banned from entry to the U.S., the immigration lawyers are there to explain to these people about the effects of the deportation and the ban and how to resolve it. 

Employment visas

When looking for work permits, most sponsors are not aware of immigration issues for the people looking for jobs. Most people undergo so many issues when they are applying for an employment visa. Therefore, the immigration lawyer of Maghzi Law Firm in Charleston can help you with the process. They can help you get hired and get your Green Card.

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